TD Trebuchet

TD Trebuchet by Gierard Design and Technology LLC

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TD Trebuchet is an application for launching TouchDesigner files in the version of TouchDesigner they were last saved in. TD Trebuchet will launch the file in the correct version of TouchDesigner if it is installed and direct you to download the missing TouchDesigner version if it is missing.

Why would I need this?

When you save a toe or tox file in TouchDesigner that toe or tox is uniquely formatted for that version of TouchDesigner. Newer versions of TouchDesigner will usually be able to open files saved in older versions of TouchDesigner, however, older versions will show a warning when attempting to open files saved in newer versions of TouchDesigner and may fail to properly run these networks.

If you have multiple versions of TouchDesigner installed or are working with another person and you or they open a file in a newer version of TouchDesigner and save it may no longer be openable in the older version. Why would this matter? Well, your TouchDesigner license might not be as recent as the other person's and you will not be able to open the file unless you purchase a TouchDesigner license update. Or, you are making updates to a client's installation, and your client isn't willing or able to update TouchDesigner or TouchPlayer to a newer version. Or, you maintain a community tox tool, for the tool to be used by the most people you will want to author the tool in the oldest version of TouchDesigner that will work but you also want to test it in the latest builds.

With TD Trebuchet you don't have to manually find the correct version of TouchDesigner. TD Trebuchet simply inspects the file to determine what version it is and attempts to find a matching version of TouchDesigner. If no version is found TD Trebuchet will help you download the correct versions or allow you to open in the most current installed version of TouchDesigner.

TD Trebuchet is currently Windows only. It has been tested on Windows 10 and 11. It may work on Windows 8/7 but has not been tested and is not officially supported.


Is there a MacOS version?
Eventually. If you purchase now you will be granted access to the Mac version when it is released.
My browser is saying TDTrebuchetInstall_x.x.x.exe is not commonly download and may be dangerous. What should I do?
Many modern browsers create warnings when downloading exe files. Gierard Design and Technology has taken every step to ensure that our product is as secure as possible, including digitally singing both our installers and application. You can still download the exe by selecting the additional options menu (usually a ^ icon)
My computer got reformated / stolen / destroyed / I accidentally used my key on the wrong computer?
Each license key may be activated up to 10 times. Remember unless you purchased multiple copies your license key is for use on ONE (1) computer. If you exceed your alloted activations you may contact
I purchased more than one copy but only received one license key?
If you purchased multiple copies at once your license key will be granted 10 times the number of copies activations.
TD Trebuchet ask me to enter my license key for each user on my computer?
Currently TD Trebuchet requires activation for each user. These activations DO count against your total activation count (sorry). We may address this in a future build but for now that's how it works.
TD Trebuchet isn't seeing my TouchDesigner installation(s).
The default search path for TouchDesigner installations on windows is "C:\Program Files\Derivative\". If your TouchDesigner install is located elsewhere you may add additional search directories by Launching TD Trebuchet directly (vs using it to open a toe file) and clicking the "Add Installation" button and browsing to where the TouchDesginer.exe file exists. TD Trebuchet will now also search that directory to find any new TouchDesigner installations. You may also manually edit %UserProfile%\.td-launcher\tdinstalls.json if you're the kind of person who is into that kind of thing.
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TD Trebuchet and Gierard Design and Technology LLC are not affiliated with or endorsed by Derivative Inc.